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Ski and Snowboarding Accident Claims

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It’s that time of year when ski and snowboarding holidays can end in disaster and a claim for compensation and consequential losses.

Whilst the vast majority of ski trips end in happy memories and fantastic photographs sadly some of them do end in plaster casts or air ambulance home.  If you have been injured because of faulty ski equipment or as a result of someone’s negligence, you may wish to consider pursuing a civil skiing accident claim.

You may be entitled to make a claim if your skiing accident was:

  • Caused by the negligent actions of another skier;
  • Created by a hidden obstruction you could not be expected to anticipate;
  • Due to the negligent care of a ski guide or tour guide representative.
  • Due to poor ski school instruction, teaching unsafe techniques/or inadequate training.
  • Caused by faulty equipment (skis, bindings, ski lift or tow).

We can help clients with their recovery as injuries can be wide-ranging and complex; from simple sprains and fractures, through to more serious injuries, such as brain and spinal injuries.

Most skiers should have an insurance policy that covers claims and the Ski Federation rules of conduct set out the expected conduct that should be adhered to by skiers. Most also wear helmets and check out the local rules as it’s compulsory in some countries.

If you do have an accident it’s a good idea to get someone to take pictures of the area, check head camera footage, check your equipment, report the incident to the relevant authorities, get a copy of the piste report and check to see if there were any witnesses.

So if your return from the slopes was not as you had hoped for our team can advise you if a ski accident claim is possible.

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