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Tax Relief on Pensions and the Chancellor

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Pearson’s Financial Advisers are keeping a watchful eye on an anticipated announcement soon regarding the overhaul of pension tax relief.

Chancellor George Osborne will announce the outcome of a pension tax relief review on 16 March. While he hasn’t confirmed what, if anything, will change, The Financial Times and other reputable sources are reporting he's planning a flat-rate 'savings incentive' of between 25% and 33% for everyone.

If correct, higher-rate and additional-rate taxpayers are expected to lose a benefit worth up to £8,000 a year and are being urged to consider bringing forward any planned pension contributions in case the shutters are brought down.

Basic-rate and non-taxpayers may wish to consider delaying any planned contributions for a few weeks in case any changes take effect immediately.

Commenting on the expected changes, Financial Services partner, Richard Eastwood said:  “Hardly a single day goes by where we don’t have clients asking “Is a pension is any good?” Such is the perceived complexity around pensions that a lot of people just place their annual statement in a cabinet draw never to read again!  If you had the cash equivalent in the sideboard I am pretty sure you would be keen to get that money working for you.

•        So firstly if you have a pension I would recommend you get to grips with exactly what it is worth and what it will entitle you too.

•        Not only do most people not know how their pension is taxed, most don’t even know how it is invested and of course this can make a huge difference to your final income in retirement.

•        Lastly would, a single rate of ‘savings incentive’ as George is suggesting benefit people?

“The review is due on the 16th of March and if you need advice on getting your well-earned tax relief I would urge you to get in touch.”


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Written by Richard Eastwood


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