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We Will Check Out Flood Reports Before You Buy A House

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As homeowners in the North West continue to mop up after the recent floods and keep a keener eye on weather forecasts we must also turn our attention to how it affects the long term property market.

For those at risk recent weather events emphasise the importance of what action can be taken before you buy a property and how a professional solicitor will work on your behalf to make sure your conveyancing contract is ‘watertight’.

Part of the search a solicitor undertakes includes:

  • Environmental search
  • United Utility Search
  • If highlighted a flood search

“It seems that the Boxing Day floods and terrible New Year rain have stuck a chord with people and more recently they have become alert, possibly because of the insurance problems reported and the news, that they should enquire whether  the house they are buying is in a flood risk area,” said specialist conveyancer Sarah Major.

“A seller may say ‘we’ve never been flooded before’, or ‘we are nowhere near a river’ but as our weather continues to get more and more unpredictable that is no guarantee or indeed consolation when you’re bailing out flood water.  Even if you’re in a 7th floor flat many have basements for storage or car parking so you could still be affected if it floods, by increased insurance premiums if nothing else.

“The searches we complete will highlight not only the potential of river and coastal, but also surface water flooding which is becoming a more common issue. 

“The only way to make sure you are covered is to appoint a professional to do all the relevant checks for you and make your move as easy as possible,” Sarah added.

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