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Why write a Will?

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A Will ensures your wishes regarding how your money, property and other prized possessions are passed on after your death. Without a Will you cannot guarantee that the right people will benefit.

How well you protect your family and close friends depends on how well you plan ahead.  Often life is so busy we push things like this to the back of our minds,. By making a Will you can relax knowing that your home, family and future generations are protected and cared for in the way you would want.

At Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers we offer a range of Will writing services:-

  • Every client (new and existing) can benefit from a FREE Will review. This enables people to get all the advice and recommendations they need to make an informed choice about their Will (and other important issues such as tax planning, asset protection and Lasting Powers of Attorney)
  • We offer 10% off standard Wills for NHS and emergency services staff
  • Fixed fee appointments for other non-Will related issues

“In the current climate we are finding people are feeling anxious about their health and that of their families.  We’re also finding that people have more time on their hands, which means it is the perfect time to plan for their futures and get their affairs in order.  People who are key workers and those working on the frontline are contacting us” says Private Client Solicitor at Pearson's

“Will writing shouldn’t be an age related activity   In fact, we would recommend making a Will and also having a review of that Will every two years, particularly if your family circumstances change.”

She adds, “It’s at times like these that the importance of family comes into sharper focus, as we have time to reflect and consider how our circumstances have changed in the last few years.  You may have had a new baby, moved house, changed jobs, lost a grandparent or parent even.  All these big life events can change our view on what is important and what we’d like to include in our Will.”

Our team of specialist Solicitors are available to help you consider the right things to include in a Will and guide you through.

If you would like more information about Wills or considering drafting a Will or updating an existing Will please contact our Wills, Trusts, Tax and Probate team on 0161 785 3500 or

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