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Why you are never too old to appoint a financial adviser

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The true story of a nonagerian

You’re never too old to think about the future and one wise 90+ investor has seen her money grow over £40,000 in three years thanks to careful planning with us.

Mrs B came to us aged 91 with a substantial investment to make and was our first investor in the Octopus AIM Inheritance Tax ISA. She invested almost £70,000 in October 2013 and by August last year this had grown to almost £110,500 which means that, as well as planning to pass on her ISA to her sons free from inheritance tax when she dies, she has also grown her investment by 63% over the last three years.

Success stories like this make my job worthwhile and it’s pleasing to know that Mrs B feels that the money she has worked hard for all her life has been well managed.  She is not the only one who has benefitted from shrewd forward planning.

We've reached a three-year milestone in helping investors pass on more of their ISA wealth IHT Free…

In August 2013, rules changed to allow Alternative Investment Market (AIM) shares to be held in an ISA. A month later, we helped our clients invest into AIM Inheritance Tax ISAs. Today, the AIM ISA Company we favour have £369.3 million AIM ISA funds under management.

Estate planning for our clients…

As well as targeting growth, AIM Inheritance Tax ISAs aim to provide inheritance tax exemption.

We expect the AIM-listed companies invested in to qualify for Business Property Relief. That means so long as our client has owned the shares in these companies for at least two years when they die, they can be passed on free from inheritance tax.

No initial fee with the AIM Inheritance Tax ISA…

If you currently have an ISA portfolio which is still subject to Inheritance Tax when you die, then you might be interested in an ISA capable of providing inheritance tax exemption as well as tax-free income and growth!

We are certainly blowing our own trumpet here but to find out more about the AIM Inheritance Tax ISA we use, which is available for ISA transfers as well as new ISA investments then please contact me at your convenience and we can have a chat  - what's more, there's currently no initial fee so what have you got to lose.

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Written by Richard Eastwood


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