Katy Naylor
  • Katy Naylor
  • Legal Secretary

Katy Naylor

Legal Secretary

Katy joined the firm in 1990 as a junior. Katy has worked in various departments within the firm enabling her wealth of knowledge in the legal field to grow. She is now a legal secretary in the Commercial Litigation Department and her role involves working for a Partner and assisting him in providing clients with a quick, efficient resolution. Katy prides herself on ensuring that the department’s client care is “second to none”.

In her spare time, Katy is a mother of two young men, a keen volleyball player and is the Regional Youth Liaison Officer for the Camping and Caravanning Club. Within this role, she teaches first aid, survival skills and food and hygiene to enable the youth to pass their “youth test”.

Katy organises fundraising weekends, sports weekends and theme park weekends to ensure that the youth have fun time as well as learning. Katy feels privileged to hold this role and has travelled up and down Great Britain and to many different countries around the world with the Youth of the Camping and Caravanning Club.