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Compensation for an arm injury at a textile company

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A lack of health and safety training led to our client sustaining injuries to his arm when it was pulled into a machine whilst he was employed at a textile company – only his quick thinking saved his arm and our personal injury lawyers were able to secure a £27,500 settlement for him.

Textile factory accidents

The man, a machine operator in his 30s, was operating a machine threading cloth onto tubing when his fingers got caught in the machine pulley dragging his left arm in.  He was able to thankfully stop the machine with a foot pedal which consequently saved his arm from being completely dragged in.

Our client was rushed to hospital where x-rays confirmed his arm was fractured.  He has since had ongoing problems, had to have further surgery on his arm, as well as anxiety following the incident.

Health and Safety at Work and Employers Liability

Our client said he had only used the machine a couple of times and had not been given the relevant health and safety training, nor was he informed that double tape could be used to thread and secure the cloth, nor that there was an emergency button to stop the machine.

“Safety at work is an essential right for employees and in this case the company was liable as the defendant failed to provide a safe system of working and exposed my client to unnecessary risk,” said Personal Injury Lawyer, Mike Talbot.

“No matter where you work accidents can and do happen and each working environment is different but your employer does have a legal obligation to make your workplace risk free,” he added.

“It is in fact a legal obligation under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and employers can be strictly liable in law for an injury, however at times it may be necessary to show they were negligent,” added Mike.

Arm injury at work

In this case, we secured a £27,500 out-of-court settlement for our client as the accident has affected many other areas of his life.  At work, he was initially unable to lift other machinery and resume his job as an operator.  He could no longer consider a former job as a plasterer as the injury left him unable to do this.

It has also affected his private life, he has been unable to help around the house and do DIY, or been able to engage properly and play with his two young sons.  Before the incident, our client enjoyed playing 5-a-side football and golf, neither of which he can continue to do.

“Employers are required by law to have Employers Liability Insurance, so normally their insurance company will cover legal costs and any compensation awarded,” said Mike.

“The aim of a claim is often to help with any further assistance and care needed, physiotherapy and rehabilitation and any lifestyle adaptations.”

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Written by Michael Talbot


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