Michael Talbot
  • Michael Talbot
  • Solicitor & Head of Personal Injury & Care Home Claims

Michael Talbot

Solicitor & Head of Personal Injury & Care Home Claims

Michael is the Solicitor heading up the Personal Injury and NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding teams. He prides himself on getting the best possible result for his clients and keeping them in the picture by making sure he responds quickly to any questions they may have.

One area of law that Michael specialises in is Continuing Care Advice. Continuing care is care provided by professionals over an extended period of time to meet the physical or mental health needs of a patient which could have been caused by disability, accident or illness and when care needs are likely to be complex. It is funded by the NHS and can be provided either in a care home or your own home.

In 1999 a landmark ruling said the NHS was responsible for funding if the primary reason for extended care was a health need and each Primary Care Trust has its own procedures for dealing with such requests.

He also deals with cases involving road traffic accidents, industrial accidents, leisure accidents and even dog bite cases.

Michael went to Manchester Grammar School and Birmingham University. He lives in Stockport. In his spare time, he enjoys running, following current affairs and Manchester City FC.

"Many families have to sell the family home if they are forced to place their loved ones in a home to get the care they need, I am concerned that they may not realise they can challenge that eligibility for continuing care."