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Compensation for hand injury at Oldham bakery

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A client who got her fingers burnt whilst working at Park Cakes bakery in Oldham has had her claim of almost £2,500 settled against her employer.

Our 24-year-old client is a bakery operative at Park Cake Limited in Oldham and as part of her role, she was asked to make up some boxes. She was asked by her supervisor to make up some boxes by dipping the cardboard into a glue pot and smearing it on boxes to seal them.

Workplace Safety & Personal Protective Equipment

The glue pot was in a machine that had a guard and the guard had been in use all day. However, on the day of the injury, the supervisor lifted the guard out of the way and despite our client raising safety concerns she was instructed by the supervisor to proceed.

When our client attempted the complete the task and dip the cardboard into the glue her fingers slipped into the hot glue causing burns. She was taken to the hospital with scalds and burns to her fingers above the knuckles on her right hand.

Personal Injury Solicitor, Michael Talbot who managed her case said:

“Her claim rested on the fact that the employer failed to instruct the member of staff on a safe method of work, a safe system of work and exposed the claimant to unnecessary risk of injury and failed to provide suitable personal protective equipment,”

“Making a claim like this is relatively easy, we always advise clients to keep any note of the incident, dates, times, and of course, photographic evidence always helps their claim,” he added.

Injury at work claim

Accidents at work, whether in a shop, office or factory are common but thankfully most of them are minor injuries.  However, when things do go badly wrong compensation is often needed to make up for lost pay, for expenses that occurred, or even for rehabilitation.

Employers have a legal obligation to make sure the workplace is safe and owe a duty of care to their employees. In some cases, the employer can be strictly liable in law for an injury. In others, it may be necessary to show they were negligent in some way.

“If you have an accident at work you may be worried about making a compensation claim, for fear of putting your job at risk but your employers are required by law to have Employers Liability Insurance, so normally their insurance company will pay out damages due,” added Michael Talbot.

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Written by Michael Talbot


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