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Injury from a trip in Waitrose Essex

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A collision with a box of sweet potatoes in a Waitrose supermarket resulted in injuries and a personal injury claim against Waitrose.

Our client was in her 70's at the time of the accident and had gone on a shopping trip with her husband to Waitrose in Buckhurst Hill, Essex.

Accident in Waitrose

She had gone into Waitrose to get a trolley when she collided with a large upright box of sweet potatoes that had been left unattended.  She fell hitting her shoulder on shelving, damaged her finger, and ended up on the floor with an injury to her knees.

Our client was looked after in-store by a shop assistant but was not given any accident book to report the incident, nor was she given a reason for the box of potatoes being located where they were.  The supermarket chain did send her a voucher and flowers by way of an apology at the time of the incident.

She later visited a private hospital as she was unable to get a face-to-face appointment with her own GP and her injuries were painful.

She was advised to see a consultant for X-rays and a further MRI scan revealed a bruised shoulder bone and damaged right finger, which later turned out to be broken.  The damage to her finger has meant she was unable to be as independent as usual as she is right-handed.  The finger also became infected, and she has continued to have ongoing problems.

Waitrose Injury Claim

“Our client did all the right things, she got photographs of the scene, the box and her injuries and was aware of the impact this injury had on her daily life.  Getting pictures is always something we remind clients to do, as well as checking if there was any CCTV of the incident, all these can help future compensation claims,” said Personal Injury Solicitor, Mike Talbot.

The accident in Waitrose affected our client, she was unable to continue her job in market research and has not been able to complete household jobs.  An out-of-court settlement of £7,850.00 took into account her pain and suffering and financial losses.

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Written by Michael Talbot


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