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Medical Aesthetic Clinic Compensation

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When a client went for acne scar treatment to improve his cosmesis due to mismanaged treatment, the end result was even more scarring. Our client visited a Medical aesthetic clinic the in Manchester, for an initial consultation on laser treatment for acne and hyperpigmentation secondary to acne scarring.

Acne Scarring Treatment

He had expected the patch test to be undertaken on an inconspicuous part of his body but the clinician treated his forehead.  He was given 10 shots of intense pulsed light on top of each other with a Luminette 585 hand piece when only one shot was reasonable.

At the time he said he felt the laser was burning and he was given ice to cool his skin.  He later noticed 4 grid marks on his forehead where the laser had scarred him. After this our client suffered burns to his forehead, hyperpigmentation and a grid pattern scarring which is estimated to last up to 10 years.

Our client attended the Laserina Clinic because he was conscious of scarring left after suffering from acne, but he wanted to make sure that any treatment would take into account his dark skin tone. He wanted treatment for acne and hyperpigmentation following his acne scarring.

One of the things he confirmed at the time of treatment was that there were no contraindications to the treatment.  As with all treatments he had to sign a consent form regarding any short term risks and was reassured that the Luminette, an intense light burst treatment, had been used on people with darker skin with no side effects.

Pearson Medical Negligence Solicitors obtained an out of court settlement of £9,000 to help pay towards other remedial treatments, skin camouflage and cognitive behavioural therapy.

The Defendant

The defendant, a medical aesthetic clinic dealing in hyperpigmentation, acne and acne scarring and skin camouflage, admitted a breach of duty of care and the case was settled out of court.

Commenting on this case, Medical Negligence Solicitor, Daniel Phelps, said:

“The cosmetic and aesthetic industry is big business and I would always tell any considering treatment to make sure they attend a regulated practice.  However, even when the research is done things can still go wrong, as was the case here.  Our client will need ongoing treatment to recover from this and so the cosmetic surgery compensation claim will help to cover some of his costs.”

“When a cosmetic procedure goes wrong it can have ongoing physical, psychological and financial consequences and so it is always advisable to chat with a medical negligence solicitor to see if we can help.”

How can we help

For legal advice on a cosmetic claim, or if you have experienced clinical negligence contact our specialist medical negligence solicitors on 0161 785 3500 or

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Written by Daniel Phelps


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