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Neck injury after slipping in a supermarket

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A client suffered a neck injury in a fall at an Ashton supermarket and was awarded £5,630.00 in compensation when we managed her case for her.

Slip and fall accident in a supermarket

Our client in her 60’s at the time of the incident was on her way to use the pharmacy services at Asda supermarket in Ashton when she slipped near the self service tills.  Our client believed she had slipped on spilt liquid and she landed heavily on her side.

Her injuries sustained in the incident included bruised knees, a painful left arm and shoulder and pain to her neck.  Since the incident, she has suffered from recurrent headaches.

At the time she was very upset and tearful and had to be assisted by a fellow shopper until an Asda first aider attended on the scene.  They did not give any treatment but instead took photographs of the incident, filled in the accident book with our client and told her to visit her doctors.

Our client contacted her GP to explain about the incident and was told it was likely she had a neck injury, she was prescribed ibuprofen gel and told to take paracetamol to ease her pain.

Our client says that when she wakes in the morning she feels shaky and has pain in her forehead and back of her skull which is affecting her moods.

Compensation for slipping in a supermarket

Sometimes when you have a slip and fall in a supermarket and injure yourself the pain can still be felt weeks later. If you have an accident in a supermarket or a public place that was not your fault you can make a compensation claim.

“Owners of public property, shops, supermarkets and other places the public go to have a duty of care under the Occupiers’ Liability Act 1957 to make their buildings safe,” said Personal Injury Solicitor, Mike Talbot.

“In this case the supermarket failed in its duty of care to our client.

“Compensation amounts do of course depend on severity of injury.  They also take into account treatment, loss of earnings, medical expenses and of course we will advise clients on benefits during their claim but more often than not we settle these cases out of court,” Mike Talbot added.

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Written by Michael Talbot


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