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Divorce Day – Dark Day for Love

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It’s not a myth that the first Monday back at work in the New Year is known by divorce lawyers as ‘Divorce Day’. It’s their busiest day of the year when traditionally they field more enquiries from couples who are not happy in their marriage - so they are expecting a busy start to 2020.

Historically January is the most popular month for divorce.  The stress of trying to create a perfect Christmas, along with money troubles after the festive break are the main reasons why couples split at this time of year. More than 40 000 people will search the word ‘divorce’ online which is more than 25% higher than any other time of year.

“1 January is the day of New Year resolutions but rather than going online and filing for divorce I urge clients to seek proper legal advice first.  Take a breather, step back and consider their lives, their finances, their children and perhaps look at other solutions to the problem.  It’s a massive decision that has long term implications,” says Lucinda McWatt, Divorce and Family Law Solicitor for Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers.

However for both men and women, the recent statistics state that it’s with the over 50s where the rate of divorce increases by most.  The number of divorces of opposite-sex couples in England and Wales in 2018 decreased by 10.6% to 90,871, compared with 101,669 in 2017. This decrease partly reflects the overall trend seen in recent years, but it can also be attributed to a particularly low number of divorce petitions processed in 2017, which then reached decree absolute in 2018.

We have seen an overall downward trend in divorce numbers since their most recent peak in 2003. The fall in the number of divorces since 2003 is broadly consistent with a decline in the number of marriages since 1989.

It makes a lot of sense for January to be the month when changes are made,” said Lucinda.  “People are ready to make New Year resolutions and decide that they are not willing to go through the same unhappiness they have gone through the year before.  Older divorcing couples are no different – for them sometimes it’s when the children have left home and their lives go in different directions.”

“Sadly, the January divorce spike is no myth as people generally feel that the New Year offers a new start for them and their family,” she added.

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Written by Lucinda McWatt


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