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Family Solicitors can help resolve matters rather than going to Court

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It has been reported recently that separated parents are overwhelming the family courts with demands to micro manage their lives asking for ruling on problems such as which junction on the motorway should we meet to arrange child contact, who should keep the child’s passport and how should contact be arranged on a Sunday afternoon.

Family Courts

Judges in the Family Law Courts are increasingly reviewing cases like this which are clogging up Family Court time.  Warnings have been given about bringing unnecessary cases to courts and sanctions threatened if it continues.

Urgent cases involving children have been delayed long enough this year with Family Courts reporting a backlog of cases compounded by the pandemic.

Each week priorities are set and published by HM Courts and Tribunal Service for Family Courts.*  This sets out what work the Court must do, work that will be done and work that the Court will do their best to do.

Family Solicitors Advice

 “It is always best to put the needs of children first when taking legal action over contact arrangements.  Too many parents focus on their rights at the expense of their duties and responsibilities,” advises Family and Divorce Solicitor Emma Kendall.

Family Solicitors at Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers are all Resolution members so we would always encourage separated parents to contact us to help resolve issues out of Court.  It would be so much less stressful and cheaper in the long run too.

Many Family Courts are experiencing a backlog of cases due to the coronavirus pandemic so pressing cases involving children are being delayed.  Cases on private matters could be handled by mediation and kept out of the courts thus giving priority to families with urgent matters.

Solicitors can deal with disputes by negotiation and if an agreement reached we can draw up Consent Orders.  These can be submitted to the court for approval by the Judge thus saving the emotional strain of contested Court proceedings. It may not be necessary for your arrangements to be set out in a Court order if you have been able to reach an agreement.

If you need further help or advice on Child Contact arrangements please contact our Divorce and Family Law team on 0161 785 3500 or email

*These priorities set each week are subject to change.

Please note that the information and opinions contained in this article are not intended to be comprehensive, nor to provide legal advice. No responsibility for its accuracy or correctness is assumed by Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers Ltd or any of its members or employees. Professional legal advice should be obtained before taking, or refraining from taking, any action as a result of this article.

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Written by Emma Kendall


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