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Marching over 1 Million Steps for Maggie’s

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It’s day 11 and the 11 Pearson staff taking part in the March Maggie’s step challenge have now walked over 1,500,000 steps and until the recent rain have been enjoying getting out and about.

Maggie’s is funded almost entirely by voluntary donations and so the challenge is an attempt to raise much needed funds as the charity’s usual ways of raising money has been severely impacted by the pandemic over the past 12 months.

The team at Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers have extended their support for Maggie’s into 2021 as the corona pandemic hit hard and the staff were unable to go into the centre to volunteer.

“It’s great that we are able to continue supporting Maggie’s as our charity of the year and we can’t wait to get back into the centre helping out,” said Suzanne Wright, of Pearson Solicitors."

During the pandemic we have helped out with a variety of challenges and this latest one has been great for our staff, we’re really enjoying the walking and sharing our daily gains.  Some staff have already raised more than the £150 individual goal and we’re looking forward to the end of March and tallying up our steps and of course our charity cash balance.

“But more than anything we are looking forward to the spring and getting back into the centre as volunteers, really getting stuck in and clearing up the garden, getting the patio and greenhouse ready for visitors,” added Suzanne, who is coordinating the charitable efforts."

Head of Residential Conveyancing at Pearson Solicitors in Oldham, Victoria Marshall, has been walking around Oldham in her lunch hour to clock up the steps and then getting the family out and about to reach the 10,000 step milestone.

Family Law Solicitor, Joanne Graham, who is working from home says the challenge has reconnected her with colleagues on the shared WhatsApp group and got her out and about in her local countryside, she’s also feeling the health benefits.

“We’re asking people to walk 300,000 throughout the 31-day month of March, an average of 10,000 each day and it’s been amazing to see so many people getting involved,” said Laura Tomlinson, of Maggie’s Oldham.

“The steps challenge is a great one for all the family to get involved in and a brilliant way for us to fundraise and also raise awareness of Maggie’s Oldham - we’re loving seeing people out and about in their orange t-shirts!” she added. 

“No one could truly have predicted the impact coronavirus would have on the lives of those with cancer. However, while the world was talking about Covid-19, we at Maggie’s did know one thing - cancer wouldn’t stop for coronavirus.

For the thousands of people who have been newly diagnosed, who have had treatment delayed or cancelled, who have felt isolated and lonely, and for families who have lost loved ones during these unprecedented times.  Maggie’s support is more needed than ever. 

The centre is open, and our psychologist, benefits advisor and cancer support specialists are here offering frontline walk-in support, so people with cancer have immediate access when they need it the most.  All our support is also available over the phone and online too." 

“We’re so thankful to the team at Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers for everything they continue to do to support us.  With their help, we can make sure everyone with cancer gets the support they need.”

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