Victoria Marshall
  • Victoria Marshall
  • Head of Conveyancing

Victoria Marshall

Head of Conveyancing

After a short spell away from Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers, Victoria Marshall has re-joined the firm as our new Head of Residential Conveyancing, based at the Hollinwood office (just off J 22 on the M60).

Victoria read Law at Huddersfield University and continued with the LPC training after she joined Pearson as a junior legal secretary 10 years ago.

It’s fair to say that Victoria loves her job! From giving independent legal advice, to the purchase of your dream home; Victoria strives to offer the best service to ensure clients get their desired outcome. She also enjoys working with property investors on their property journey; from handling their first investment property to dealing with their growing portfolio of property. Victoria finds it extremely satisfying to know her advice has helped them on their way to a successful career in property.

In her new role as Head of department, she is looking forward to passing her enthusiasm onto the team and helping it grow. Active on social media you can find Victoria @VikkiSweeney on Twitter. She is involved with #Tamesidehour and can be found encouraging all things local.

She is a proud supporter of Oldham Law Association and the benefits it offers to local solicitors. In her spare time, she enjoys walking with her family and their puppy Minnie. She’s recently taken up running which she’s enjoying and in training for 10K.