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Twixmas House Searching

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Moving house in 2022 may be a New Year's resolution, but the Christmas holiday season is a popular time to search for that ideal property.

Christmas Property Search

Every year Rightmove releases data showing that property searches double after Christmas Day and it’s also a good time to do some due diligence to make sure everything goes to plan with your house move.

As our residential property team finds out when they come back to work in January Christmas has been a time for friends and family, but also when people realise their house is either too big, or too small.  At the same time after the pandemic people are now looking for different things from their home, whether that’s an office, a garden or space to extend.

At Pearsons, our conveyancing solicitors also say that when choosing your solicitors the bah-humbug approach may not be the best one.

“Saving £40 on conveyancing and not getting a good service seems foolish when you are spending between £100,000and £500,000, or even more on a house purchase,” said Residential Conveyancing Solicitor Michelle Ong.

What is Twixmas?

The time between Christmas and New Year, fondly known as Twixmas, is the time to do some research to help you make a smooth move. There are nine days of holidays from Christmas Eve when a turkey sandwich and a new smartphone, tablet or laptop will help when you’re browsing for properties.

Top tips to purchasing a property

Your house will probably also be the most expensive purchase you will ever make in your life so our top tips are:

  • Check your conveyancer is qualified to deal with all aspects of the purchase from search results, to surveys, mortgage offers, gifted deposits and money laundering and we haven't even touched on the actual title of the property yet.
  • Meet or talk to the person you want to instruct to act on your behalf. Are you happy to deal with them and their solicitors' firm? Are you happy for them to deal with your lender? Are they qualified to do the job? Are they committed and easily contactable?
  • property but, how many other necessary aspects of your purchase will they cover?
  • Does the quote include the cost of search results, surveys, advice on mortgage offers and gifted deposits?
  • Does the conveyancer carry out money laundering checks? How will the conveyancer protect your purchase/sale funds?
  • Will the conveyancer protect you from fraudulent activities?
  • Research removal companies, get quotes and confirm the date of your move.
  • Contact your utility suppliers.
  • Declutter in advance.
  • Make a packing plan – and start early and inform everyone of your new address.
  • Factor in time to clean at both ends of the move.
  • Pack a moving day kit – kettle, toaster, tea & coffee, biscuits, screwdriver, batteries, a torch.

“In the current climate, more and more pressure is being put on conveyancers to ensure that all aspects of your purchase are covered.

Whilst it is understandable that you would need every penny for your move and to buy nice things for your house, I would say when spending so much on your purchase you should not scrimp on the conveyancing and appoint a specialist Solicitor to do the job for you and get 2022 off to a great start,” said Michelle.

How can we help?

Our team has a great track record helping clients make it a smooth move.  Whether you’re buying a property, selling a house or remortgaging a home we can help and offer a no-nonsense approach to get the deal done.  Call our conveyancing solicitors today on 0161 785 3500 or email

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