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New Conveyancing Solicitor Joins Pearsons

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We are delighted to welcome a new conveyancing solicitor to the residential property team at Pearson Solicitors. Michelle Ong joined our growing team and brings with her a wealth of experience from years in the property industry.

Welcoming Michelle to the team, Head of Department, Victoria Marshall, said:

“Michelle brings with her a wealth of experience in all aspects of the property world.  She has a phenomenal work ethic, really goes that extra mile for clients, brings a pragmatic approach and a professionalism that goes above and beyond and I am so pleased to have her on our team.”

Here is what Michelle had to say about her day to day role of helping clients move into their new homes and sell their properties:

How did you get into Conveyancing?

These days there are various routes you are able to take in order to qualify as a conveyancer. As for me, I completed my LLB from the University of Wolverhampton and then my LPC at Manchester Metropolitan University. I started my legal career as a paralegal at a high street law firm in Salford before I was offered a training contract at the firm.

What does a conveyancing solicitor do?

A conveyancing solicitor is responsible for the preparation of all documents required in your property transaction. However, it is important to note that our responsibilities do not end the moment you collect your keys to your new home. We will then ensure your new home is legally registered in your name(s) and deal with various other post completion requirements.

A great conveyancer must be able to think fast on their feet when a situation arises. Note I use the word situation rather than a problem as a great mentor of mine once said we do not have problems… only situations that need to be dealt with efficiently.

Do you enjoy conveyancing?

Working as a conveyancing solicitor can be a demanding role due to the fast-paced nature of the job but it is also an extremely rewarding job. Essentially, you are providing a legal service to your clients but at times, you are also the person they rely upon emotionally during the transaction process.

Being in a challenging role means that I have been given the benefit of dealing with complicated or technical legal situations. Conveyancing is never boring or dull – every day presents a new challenge that provides you with the opportunity to widen your areas of expertise.

The best part of being a conveyancing solicitor is being able to meet my clients’ expectations with the best possible service is very rewarding and satisfying. Communication is key to this job – it is important to build great relationships not only with your clients but also with all other third parties involved to obtain a smooth transaction.

Why did you want to join Pearson Solicitors?

Having worked with Victoria Marshall previously, it is an honour to join the residential conveyancing department at Pearsons. Victoria is a great mentor and a supportive team is essential to being able to carry out my job well.

How do you see the property market in the future?

We have witnessed house prices continuing to grow in the past 18 months or so despite a global pandemic and house moves being prevented. It has been forecasted by many in the properties in the North of England will show the strongest price growth in 2022.

These are exciting times for people looking to buy or sell a property in the North West. Hopefully, it will also allow conveyancing firms across the region to create more career opportunities.

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If you are looking to buy or sell a house contact Michelle or one of our conveyancing solicitors on 0161 785 3500 or email 

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Written by Victoria Marshall


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