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Not So Romantic St Valentine for Divorce Solicitors

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On one of the most romantic days of the year it seems strange to be talking about divorce, but when handled amicably a non-distressing divorce can be straightforward and does not have to be a traumatic experience.

When children are concerned it’s always better to try and sit down and have mediation and a round table solution to the separation, said solicitor Emma Kendall.

“The family is often the first concern for my divorcing couples and many times they are initially looking for a non-adversarial approach,” said Emma.  “We have specialist Resolution accredited solicitors and the emphasis here is chatting with the other side to achieve a non-confrontational approach to family problems. Our lawyers have a code of practice to follow and the children are at the centre of this.”

“Now that the no-blame divorce is back on the agenda this will be easier for as amicable settlement as possible,” added Emma.

“The new Bill will be a great benefit to the clients who come to us and want an amicable arrangement for the children, no one is at fault, no one is to blame, for whatever reason their marriage has run its course and they just want to separate and share the children.

“Parental conflict is damaging to children and a fault-based system means one party has to be blamed, in the long run this can have a detrimental effect on their children,” she said.

No Blame Divorce

No-fault divorce encourages a new positive start for separating couples as they start a new relationship as co-parents. It will also bring the divorce law in line with the government’s approach to family and avoiding confrontation.  Couples can cite ‘irretrievable breakdown’ as grounds for divorce without having to give evidence of bad behaviour under the new Bill.

It’s been said statistically that those who marry on Valentine’s Day are more likely to split as it’s often a rush to meet the romantic deadline day.  Similarly, last year a survey said more people filed for divorce on February 14th than any other day of the year, perhaps it’s a result of that first visit to a solicitor in January and by the next month decisions have been made and proceedings put in place.

One thing is for sure romance is not dead, people will still get married but inevitably some will still get divorced and with the new Bill and with mediation and Resolution where at all possible it is our job as solicitors to ensure it is a pain free as possible,” said Emma.


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Written by Emma Kendall


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