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Sexual Harassment – Get covered for Contractors

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Gender Equality in the workplace - a topic that has hit the news headlines today and something which employers need to be aware of.

The Rt Hon Penny Mordaunt MP, Women and Equalities Minister will today be setting out her vision for gender equality in the UK with the publication of Gender Equality at all stages: A roadmap for change.

The background to this is gender equality - a complex issue in itself and that’s why the soon-to-be launched government consultation is so welcome.  It will work on measures to tackle sexual harassment in order to guarantee the safety of women in the workplace and ensure legislation is appropriate for today’s society.

Investigation into the laws around third party harassment needs to happen in order to strengthen and clarify issues around whether the protection needs to include interns and volunteers.  Also whether the three month limit needs extending for harassment and workplace discrimination.

“Susan Mayall, Head of Employment for Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers gives a word of warning.  “If you are informed that one of your employees is being sexually harassed by a third party coming into the workplace, beware, you can already be liable if you do not have procedures in place.

She adds, “If you want to know more about harassment and workplace discrimination or need advice about protecting yourself please contact our Employment Solicitors

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Written by Susan Mayall


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