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Taking on Insurance Companies in Court

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In what might seem a David v Goliath battle, the litigation solicitors at Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers are taking on the insurance giants, Toyota Motor Insurance, on behalf of a client whose car insurance claim was rejected when his new car was stolen.

A new car is most people’s pride and joy, so imagine the shock and disappointment if it is stolen.  Add to that a refusal by your car insurance company to pay up and it adds insult to injury.

Insurance Dispute Case

Our client, the insured, purchased the vehicle in April 2019, it was a 2019 plate vehicle from a Toyota dealership and cost in excess of £25,000.  Quite rightly and being a responsible car owner he also obtained a car insurance policy and a ‘gap insurance’ policy with Toyota Motor Insurance.

Later that year the car was stolen from outside his house in the early morning.  He was very distressed by the theft and alerted the police, but when his car was recovered a few days later it was substantially damaged.

Commenting on the case, Litigation Solicitor, Asa Cocker says:  “When our client’s brand new car was stolen from outside his own house he expected his insurance company to pay for a like for like car. However, our client’s  claim was rejected, and in my opinion, the decision was unreasonable and unlawful by the insurer who relied on a number of exclusion clauses.

Whilst it could be daunting challenging the huge insurance companies, in this case the reasons provided by Toyota Motor Insurance seems unfair.  For this reason our client has now started court action against Toyota Motor Insurance in the civil courts.”

The current claim is more than £30,000 and will most likely be listed for a 2 day trial at the County Court in Manchester.

How can we help with your Insurance claim disputes

If you have been the victim of any rejected insurance claim, or a rejected car theft insurance claim, and want to challenge the insurers we are ready to assist.

We have experienced insurance solicitors with a demonstrated history of dealing with insurance disputes such as:

  • claims for life insurance
  • vehicle insurance
  • pet insurance
  • buildings and contents insurance
  • other insurance policies

If you are not sure whether your problem might be covered or need further help and advice on insurance disputes, please contact our Civil Litigation Solicitors on 0161 785 3500 or email

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Written by Asa Cocker


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