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Where there is a Will there is a Way to help The Christie

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People in Oldham will have the opportunity to make or update their will for free this week as part of The Christie’s Make a Will Week, in return for a donation to the charity.

The Christie, the North West’s specialist cancer centre is encouraging people to make a Will, with the support of more than 40 law firms from across the region, including Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers at their offices in Oldham, Hollinwood & Ashton-under-Lyne.

During The Christie charity’s Make a Will Week, from the 12th-16th September, participating solicitors will help people make or update a will for free, when usually it can cost anything up to £150 for a basic will, or more for more complicated wills. 

Last year alone, The Christie received £7.5m from gifts left in wills.

Taking part in Make a Will Week is an honour, it’s something we have supported for the past few years and our solicitors are only too happy to give their time in exchange for a donation,” said Pearson’s Private Client Partner, Daniel Prince.

 “Most of us at some time or another have been affected by cancer, either via our family or friends and so it’s vital that we all support the great work carried out by The Christie and making a Will during this week is part of that.  Age is no barrier as illness can strike at any time so once you reach 18 you should make a valid Will.

“Traditionally during Will Week we get many older clients considering making a Will and helping a charity at the same time and I would encourage them to make an appointment with one of our solicitors, but I would also like to advise younger people to also get involved, consider their legacy and make a goodwill donation to The Christie at the same time.”

Gary Kelly, legacy and research manager at The Christie charity added: “It’s never too early to make a will and as life changes with getting married, having children, buying a house or retiring it often needs updating. Leaving a gift in your will, however big or small, to a cause close to the heart, makes a huge difference to charities. And it’s easier than you think through The Christie charity’s Make a Will Week.

Make a Will Week is now in its seventh year and is firmly established in The Christie charity’s calendar. The money raised helps to fund research, treatment and extra support services.

Why many people don't write their wills

Despite being aware of the multiple problems that can arise from neglecting to write a will, many people still do not write them due to the following reasons:

  • They—especially the young adults—have ruled out the possibility of their deaths happening anytime soon, so they think there will always be time for that later.
  • They think writing a will is for only the rich, and so there's no need for them to write one.
  • They think writing a will is an expensive and time-taking process that involves a lot of legal jargon.
  • They're afraid as writing a will brings to mind their mortality.
  • They think their family already knows how to go about handling their property after they pass away.
  • They just don't know how and where to start writing their will.
  • They believe their family or business situations are too complicated to be easily detailed in a will.
  • They're not comfortable revealing the details of their assets to “an outsider” (the attorney).
  • They think their circumstances will continue to change, and their will would need to be updated too frequently.
  • They find it difficult to make important decisions such as choosing an executor for the will, a guardian for their children, or a manager for their business and other assets.

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