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Wills, Probate, Charity and Leaving a Legacy

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During November’s Will Month our solicitors donated their time free of charge to help clients make a Will and asked them to simply make a donation instead to help raise funds for Dr Kershaw’s Hospice.

Will Month

Four of our Wills, Trusts and Probate lawyers took part in the initiative and between them had over 20 appointments and helped clients plan their estates and make provision for their families in the future.

“It is always an honour to help raise funds for our local charities and Dr Kershaw’s holds a special place in the heart of many of our staff here at Pearson who have had relatives and friends use the amazing care they provide,” said Lucy Roughley, Wills, Trusts and Probate Legal Adviser, who had appointments during Will Month.

“This year’s Will Month has been our most successful to date, and we are delighted with the support and generosity we have received from our local community. Every donation will contribute towards patient care; supporting families in Oldham at a time when they need it most. On behalf of our patients, their families, and the whole team here at Dr Kershaw’s thank you to everyone one who participated.” Rebecca Bentham, Director of Income Development & Marketing at Dr Kershaw's Hospice

Many people simply put off making a Will or think it is something only for the elderly, but if you want your money and assets to go to a special person then making a Will is the only way to ensure that happens.

“Making a Will is a vital way to provide for the people you leave behind, without a Will you don’t get the final say and it certainly makes things easier as it’s one less thing to think about for your loved ones at such an emotional time,” added Lucy.

“Taking part in Will Month is a great way to encourage people to think about their estate and help a deserving charity at the same time.”

Why make a Will

Nearly 70% of us don’t have a Will but if you want your last wishes to be carried out it is essential. Sorting out an estate when there isn’t a valid Will takes longer as a person who dies without a Will is known as ‘dying intestate’.

It can also make sorting out the estate more complicated as it is the law which decides who inherits the estate according to ‘intestacy rules’ and these may not actually be the people you want to inherit your assets.

The administrator, usually a relative or friend will have to apply for a ‘grant of letters of administration’ - also known as grant of representation or a grant of probate. They can then sort out the estate and distribute it to the relevant heirs.  A specialist probate solicitor can assist in every step along the way and make sorting out intestacy easier as the sooner probate is applied for the sooner the estate can be divided out.

Leaving a legacy to charity

If there are no surviving relatives, the person’s estate passes to the Crown and the Treasury is then responsible for dealing with the estate.  So if there are no family or friends you want to consider in your estate then maybe consider a charity close to you and leaving a legacy in your Will.

You can make a Will and name a charity, they will then benefit from your estate and help others in need.

Contact Our Will Solicitors

For advice on how to make a Will or just to ask us about Probate email us at or call 0161 785 3500 to speak to one of our friendly Private Client Solicitors.

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Written by Lucy Roughley


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