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Management Buy-outs

A management buy-out ("MBO") involves the acquisition of a company by the management team.  An acquisition like this is often supported by private equity investment and/or debt financing.

The management (buyer’s) perspective

We regularly advise on MBOs from the management's perspective on the following:

  • the scope of warranties which management may have to give as part of the process and the related disclosure exercise;
  • the typical terms for their equity investment;
  • guiding the management team through the often-tricky exercise of reconciling their participation in the MBO with their existing duties as directors and employees; and
  • advising, in conjunction with the lawyers in our employment team, on any new employment arrangements.

The business owner (seller’s) perspective

We also act for sellers who have decided to sell a business to their management team.

Management buy-in

A management buy-in ("MBI")is similar to a management buy-out, but in this instance, the managers or a management group from outside the company lead the acquisition.

Whether you are selling your interest in a business to a management team, or acting for the incoming management team on the acquisition, we can guide you through the process.


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