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IT & Communication Systems Policy

A comprehensive IT and Communication Systems policy should be designed to promote effective work communication and practices, such a policy should deal with the necessity of equipment security and passwords and systems and data security.

It is usual also to have a section on emails to remind employees that emails can be used in legal proceedings and that workers must not send abusive, obscene, discriminatory, racist, harassing, derogatory, defamatory, pornographic or otherwise inappropriate emails and to do so may result in the disciplinary procedure being invoked.

There should also be a detailed section on the use of the Internet setting out that some sights may be blocked or have restricted access.

You as the employer should also give consideration as to whether you wish to allow employees to send and receive personal emails to their business account and to browse the Internet and make personal telephone calls.

There can also be a section on monitoring and informing employees that the business’ systems enable it to monitor telephone, email, Internet and other communications and what the monitoring may be used for.  There should also be a section on the prohibited use of IT and communication systems and that action will be taken if employees act in breach.

It is important for employers not only to have policies and procedures in place but to review them themselves and then to update and send to staff so that they are aware of the policies and procedures in place.

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