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Motor Offence Pricing

  1. Guilty plea on straight forward motoring matters, eg. due care and attention, driving with excess alcohol, being in charge of a vehicle with alcohol over the prescribed limit, totting up/potential disqualification/speeding/no insurance/construction and use offences - £350 plus VAT to include initial consideration of evidence and providing advice in relation to plea and likely sentence and/or advising on the options available to the Court in relation to sentencing.
  2. Advice on special reasons or exceptional hardship.
  3. Separately, representation at a Magistrates Court in respect of avoiding disqualification under totting up procedure; potential disqualification over actual speed of offence (30 miles over the prescribed limit), special reasons - £400 plus VAT plus travel charged to the appropriate Court at one half of the advocacy charging rate, ie. £100 per hour plus mileage of 45p per mile and parking.

The above fees do not include taking statements from and examination of witnesses.  However, the advocacy fee would, if the need required, include advice on appeal and drafting the grounds of appeal and lodging with the appropriate Crown Court.

Other services include advice on no insurance, particularly for taxi drivers/non black cab taxi drivers being prosecuted by Local Authority/resisting application for removal of taxi hire licence – 1.5 hours, £300 plus VAT.

Attending/preparation/considering evidence and providing advice on plea and likely sentence, £350 plus VAT.

Attendance and representation at a single hearing at the Magistrates Court does not include the following:-

  • instruction of any expert witness.
  • taking statements from any witnesses

All the above is based on the fact you can provide the appropriate paperwork promptly and cogently.

Trials – this will vary but for a 1 day trial with all the necessary preparation, the fee is likely to be £1,500 to £2,000 plus VAT.  This does not include a visit to the locus in quo but if the locality is near to our office, then a minimum fee of 1 hour would be charged if it was felt that a visit would be beneficial.

In relation to any application referred to above (but not trial), we would envisage being at Court for the whole of the morning as it could not be said with any certainty when the case would be called on.

Who will deal with your case:

Andrew Murray - Solicitor

Andrew brings 38 years qualified experience to the firm and now shares his time in private practice with his Tribunal work where he sits as a Fee Paid Judge.

He employs a pragmatic approach to many of the issues which beset clients enabling a swifter solution and more cost effective outcome. This is not always possible and cases have been pursued and defended for clients in the County Court, High Court, including Chancery Division and Tribunals.

He manages our motoring offences department and is able to represent clients in court and advise on a wide variety of motoring offences.

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