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Oldham Solicitors and Brownies Get Planting

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A group of eager brownies and Oldham Solicitors took part in tree planting in Saddleworth to provide screening, nesting sites, natural habitats and increase evergreen planting in the Friezland area.

Some of the trees and hedges planted were part of the ‘Planting Roots for the Future’ campaign which the green fingered firm launched a couple of years ago.

Future Roots for New Homeowners

As part of the scheme, on completion of every house purchase Pearson Conveyancing Solicitors deliver an appropriate tree to the new homeowner to help reduce climate change.

Planting trees like this contributes to reducing emissions in the local area, as one tree could remove 1 tonne of CO2 over its lifetime.

“Our green initiative aims to help local areas and I’m so pleased we were able to get staff and brownies working together,” said Solicitor and Head of Residential Property, Victoria Marshall, who is also Brown Owl at the 8th Oldham Brownies, took part in the event.

“We had a lot of trees and bushes to plant as some clients live further afield or do not want a tree, they perhaps do not have room, or have a garden, if that’s the case they are planted in designated open countryside, or in parks and at schools, this joint effort uses trees and bushes donated by Pearson Solicitors in Oldham, and at the same time we were able to teach our brownies about conservation and environmental issues,” added Victoria.

Working with Friezland User Group

The hedge planting task was run in conjunction with a volunteer task group, the Friezland User Group (FUG) who work in partnership with Oldham Council to help maintain the horse arena at Friezland.

“It was lovely to work alongside the FUG and I would like to thank them for their patience, for some of our girls it was the first gardening they had done, so it really was a joint effort,” said Victoria Marshall.

Oldham Brownies

The brownies said they had really enjoyed their morning and would be walking past to check on the trees in the future and looked forward to seeing them grow.

Brownie, Lilly, said it was lovely to be able to help the environment and although it was a muddy morning and tough to dig some of the planting holes, it was a fun event.

The planting future roots campaign was Victoria’s initial idea:

“I just thought of all my clients, families and individuals putting down roots when they move into a new home and wanted to do something to recognise that.”

“We also send seeded ‘welcome to your new home’ cards to every client to hopefully plant out in pots or gardens, so there is something green for everyone to enjoy,” she said.

Local suppliers are used to source the trees which include Rowan, Apple, Birch, Field Maple, Oak and Hornbeam and at the Friezland area brownies and solicitors planted holly as well to provide evergreen cover.

“It’s important we don’t take nature for granted and the Pearson future roots campaign creates a legacy for future generations,” added Victoria.

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Written by Victoria Marshall


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