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​High Court rules Cohabitants entitled to challenge their late Partner's estate

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In the case of Thompson v Ragget (2018) EWHC 688 Ch, the High court ruled in favour of an unmarried woman who had been left out of her partner’s £1.5m estate. The distribution of an estate, either under the terms of a Will or pursuant to the...

Contesting a Will: Does a Will need to be signed?

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For a Will to be validly recognised in England and Wales, it must be signed in front of two independent witnesses, who print and sign their names, this aids when resolving probate disputes . While this requirement has been a long-recognised rule of the law,...

The Importance of Continuously Updating Your Will

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An estimated 40 million people in Britain have not produced a will. It’s, therefore, no surprise that the term ‘wills apathy’ has been widely used to illustrate a behavioural trend among the general public. This trend shows that the public,...

Challenging a Will? Speed is of the Essence

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A recent case warns beneficiaries of a will to ensure they understand its effects – and to take action if they think they have not been adequately provided for. The provisions of most wills often come as little surprise to family and friends. They...

More People Are Disputing Their Inheritance (or Lack of It)

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We’ve recently seen an increase in enquiries from people wanting to challenge a relative’s will or make a claim if they are not provided for – so much so that we have expanded our team. Laura Pracy rejoined us in June and is now working in...