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Knee Surgery Compensation Claim

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Our client attended Tameside General Hospital for a routine arthroscopy knee surgery in December 2019. Following the surgery issues started to arise and our team was able to successfully pursue a medical negligence claim for her.

After her operation our client awoke from the theatre with pain in her bandaged knee, but as she had just had surgery she did not think anything of this. She was discharged the same day and told to remove the bandages a few days later. Upon removing the bandages she was shocked to see burns and blisters where the bandages had been and after seeking medical advice she was given no adequate explanation.

Our client was shocked by the treatment she had undergone whilst under the care of Tameside General Hospital and turned to Pearson Solicitors.

Medical Negligence Claim

Pearson's Medical Negligence Solicitors were instructed in January 2020 and we were able to guide her through the hospital's complaints procedure. The complaint procedure revealed a hypothesis that during her treatment diathermy ignited the Chlorhexidine skin preparation, which was not allowed sufficient time to evaporate.

Although liability was denied by Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust a settlement of £5,000 was reached before issuing court proceedings.

What is diathermy?

A diathermy is a tool used in surgery which uses electricity rather than a heat source to cut or cauterise soft tissues.

There can be complications with this type of treatment when the diathermy tool is left in the same place for too long heat can build up and burn the skin. Although other factors can be to blame for burns to occur such as metal implants or pins, dental filings, a tumour or fracture in the treatment area or a pacemaker.

“Liability was denied throughout but settlement was agreed in the sum of £5,000 before the issue of proceedings,” said medical negligence trainee solicitor Daniel Phelps, who dealt with this case.

“Quite often we are able to settle before a case goes to court once we present the evidence of medical negligence and so clients should not be afraid of the legal processes involved if they have been the victim of a medical mistake by any doctor or hospital,” he added.

We ran this case on a conditional fee arrangement (CFA) and supported her costs with after the event insurance.  If you need help and advice on how to make a claim and the potential costs involved we are happy to chat this through as there are a variety of funding options available in medical negligence cases.

Contact Our Medical Negligence Solicitors

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Written by Daniel Phelps


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