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Surgical Errors Compensation

Despite the immense skill of surgeons and continuous improvements in surgical techniques that seek to minimise risks and improve success rates, mistakes during operations do sometimes happen and can have serious and long term implications for a patient.

The facts and complexity of each Surgical Negligence case can vary greatly which is why the in-depth knowledge and experience of our solicitors in getting to the facts and uncovering the technical side can prove invaluable. They are able to provide the best possible representation and have helped many people to make successful Surgical Negligence compensation claims.

A Surgical Errors Compensation Case Success Story

Mrs D found a lump in her breast. Malignancy could not be excluded and it was decided to perform an excision biopsy. The surgeon removed a lump that was examined and found to be benign. Seven months later, Mrs D returned to the hospital with tenderness around the surgical scar. Investigations revealed that the lump remained in place and was malignant. She required radiotherapy and chemotherapy when it was discovered that the malignancy had spread. It was admitted that the surgeon had failed to excise the malignant lump at the first operation. It was admitted that this had led to an avoidable mastectomy, psychological distress and an affected prognosis.

An interim payment was made after which the Defence tried to withdraw its admission. Proceedings were commenced in Court and the Defence was told that an application would be made to debar it from retracting certain of its admissions. In response, the Defendant agreed to settle the claim. Sadly by the time of settlement, Mrs D had died of her disease. The settlement made provision for the maintenance of her surviving son.

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