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£6,500 compensation for doctors’ failure to treat DVT

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Pearson Solicitors has helped a young footballer in his 20’s claim a £6,500 settlement after doctors failed to treat his Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

The man, Mr C, has a family history of DVT on his paternal and maternal side and had been diagnosed previously and treated successfully at Macclesfield Hospital, Stepping Hill Hospital and the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle for problems with his right leg.

In 2010 when he was playing football he ruptured his Achilles tendon in his left leg and was treated at the Royal Oldham Hospital A&E department.  His history was noted in a risk assessment and prior to surgery it was decided to administer pre and post-operative anticoagulation for a two week period.

A successful surgical Achilles tendon repair operation was performed and after a period of recovery Mr C was discharged from hospital but not given a post-operative prescription or medication. He telephoned the hospital to enquire about this error but was told there ‘was nothing in his file’.  He received no further advice on this issue and his leg was due to be in a cast for several weeks.

A week after discharge Mr C went back to A&E with severe pain, swelling and his left calf was warm to the touch.

Scan found DVT

An Ultra Sound Doppler Scan was undertaken which demonstrated the following:

“The gastrocnemius veins are fully compressible but have a sluggish flow.  The posterior tibial veins are occluded with mixed/fresh thrombus….Evidence of mixed/fresh occlusive left calf vein DVT.”

Medical Negligence Solicitor, Jacqueline White, of Pearson Solicitors said:  “It was discovered that Mr C had been promised prophylaxis on discharge but this course of action had not been implemented, had the correct treatment been carried out my client would have avoided unnecessary pain and suffering; given his medical history and his request for records to be checked this could have been avoided.”

The Pennine Acute Hospitals NHS Trust admitted a breach of duty of care and settled in Mr C’s favour.

Mr C had After the Event Legal Expense Insurance and was able to pursue his case under his household insurance policy.

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