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Preventable Sight Loss

The full or partial loss of eyesight can force a person to be highly dependent on others and cause personal devastation. A patient has to adapt to a new way of life, which can mean significant changes in how they live, look after themselves and move around.

We have worked with clients who have suffered from a loss of sight following delayed diagnosis or missed diagnosis of:-

Sight loss refers to the ways in which a person can lose their vision in one or both eyes. This can happen for a number of reasons, and if it is a medical condition, it can often be prevented or delayed. Medical professionals may not act quickly enough, misdiagnose the symptoms or operate incompetently, any of which can lead to irreversible damage to a patients’ vision.

Impact of Sight Loss

Where a person has lost their sight significant changes need to be considered to how they live their lives including:-

  • How will they travel
  • What needs to be adapted in the home to make it a safer environment
  • Whether they can continue to work in the same role or at all
  • How they will read and write
  • Whether they will be able to care for themselves in the same way and if not what additional care needs they have

Many claims are brought due to the failure on the part of the medical professional to adequately explain the risks of the procedure, the actual procedure itself or the post-operative care.
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