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Other Avoidable Medical Incidents

We have experience in securing explanations and financial compensation for clients who have suffered avoidable and preventable medical conditions in the following medical areas;

Accident and Emergency - Missed or late diagnosis, failure to refer, inadequate treatment, missed fractures, missed foreign bodies in wounds or inadequate cleaning.

Anaesthetics - Injury caused either by sub-standard drug administration, leading to awareness during surgery or other serious physical or psychological damage.

Avoidable Heart Attacks - Misdiagnosis of or delay in diagnosing a Heart Attack (sometimes referred to as a myocardial infarction).

Cerebral Palsy - Maternal infection, inadequate oxygen supply to the baby’s brain, premature or multiple birth or trauma during labour or delivery, which affects the child’s developing brain causing brain damage before, during or after birth.

Coroners Inquest - If you have been referred to a Coroner and an inquest has been opened into your relative's death it can be a confusing time.  Partner, Matthew Cox, is assistant coroner, North Manchester and so can advise and give guidance on this matter.

Dental Negligence - Accidental damage, injection procedures which go wrong, oral health concerns, nerve damage, tooth loss, mismanaged root canal treatment, orthodontic mistakes, delays in diagnosis, cosmetic procedures which go wrong.

Dupuytren's Contracture Negligence - delay or defective surgical technique to treat dupuytrens contracture.

Gynaecology -Mistakes made in gynaecology and obstetrics account for over half of all medical negligence claims

Pregnancy and Birth -Obstetric claims can cover: mismanagement of labour by a midwife, failure to recognise a high-risk patient, inadequate pain relief, perineal trauma, delayed delivery, maternal or foetal bleeding, misinterpretation of scans and birth injury including cerebral palsy.

GP Negligence - GPs can sometimes make mistakes that can lead to the serious physical and psychological detriment of the patient.

Informed Consent - if you were not given information about all of the material risks associated with a procedure that you have undergone, and you have gone on to suffer harm as a result, you may be able to successfully pursue a medical negligence claim.

Lithium Poisoning - Failure to recognise the danger of raised lithium levels resulting in chronic lithium toxicity.

Orthopaedics - Anything from incompetent joint replacement surgery to missed fractures.

Surgical Errors - Mistakes during operations do sometimes happen and can have serious and long term implications for a patient.

Urinary Tract Infections - Misdiagnosis or a delayed diagnosis can lead to irreversible damage to kidneys.

Sepsis - delayed recognition and treatment of sepsis can have devastating consequences.

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