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Be Stroke Aware

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Every five minutes someone in the UK has a stroke and the effects can be cruel, devastating and life-changing.  Stroke is a brain attack.  It is a medical emergency which affects millions around the country.

We are often approached by patients and their families who feel they have been the victim of substandard medical treatment in relation to their stroke.

In some instances the stroke is a direct consequence of the substandard medical treatment, for example the failure to properly anticoagulate a patient suffering from atrial fibrillation. In other cases is it the failure to properly diagnose and treat the stroke which leads to avoidable harm. The quicker a stroke is diagnosed the better the recovery and with support stroke survivors can adapt and regain their independence.

Stroke Awareness Month

Raising awareness is vital and the Stroke Association’s ‘Make May Purple’ campaign can only be a good thing as a stroke can happen to anyone, no matter what their age.

“We have worked with clients who have suffered a stroke and acted on their behalf to secure compensation.  These payments can help towards the cost of care, aids, household adaptations and physiotherapy which support stroke survivors,” says Kenneth Lees, Clinical Negligence Solicitor.

“The number of stroke survivors is going up, so more and more people need our help with long term care and their future living arrangements.  Many clients come to us with questions, particularly if they feel that their treatment was mismanaged or they are suffering as a result of a medical error,” he adds.

Been Affected By Stroke?

If you feel you have been a victim and have been affected then come and have a chat with one of our specialist clinical negligence solicitors.

In addition to securing compensation our team also provides a totally holistic service. We have financial advisers who can help with managing your compensation, as well as a private client team who can advise you and your family on Lasting Power of Attorney and other relevant arrangements that might be needed. 


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