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Carley Dhand joins Pearson’s Employment Law Department

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The Employment Department at Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers goes from strength to strength with the appointment of Senior Associate Solicitor, Carley Dhand.

Carley brings added experience and enthusiasm to an already well-established employment law department.

Welcoming Carley to the firm, Director and Practice Manager, Joanne Ormston said:

“Every year our employment team gets busier, and Carley has fitted right in and is a valuable addition to the team."

“Acting for both business owners and employees gives Pearson a great insight into the complex world of employment law and Carley is well versed in dealing with both respondent and claimant work."

“This appointment is part of our strategic development to provide high quality commercial advice to employers, as well as helping to develop our niche Protective Awards claims and Carley has experience in dealing with high-value Employment Tribunal claims involving complex whistleblowing claims and discrimination.”

Interview with Carley Dhand

Why did you decide to join Pearson Solicitors and what attracted you to work for a local law firm?

I decided to join Pearson having previously worked with Alan Lewis. Being part of such a great team is important to me and I was thrilled when Alan asked me to join him here.  I was also excited to be working with Susan Mayall, who has a strong reputation in the local market.

I have come from an international practice with a strong sense of commercial acumen and saw that replicated within Pearson’s Employment Department.

What do you enjoy most about employment law?

I enjoy the eclectic mix of work it entails, from advising employers on non-contentious issues such as the handling of disciplinary grievances, right through to contentious Tribunal litigation. No day is the same.  I particularly enjoy Tribunal litigation and have a passion for helping others - there is nothing more rewarding to me than achieving great results for my clients.

How do you see your future as a solicitor?

Every day I strive to be a better lawyer by opening myself up to new challenges and constantly keeping abreast with employment law changes. I would like to see myself one day being a role model for young students who are looking for a career in law. (Carley has a 1st Class Degree in Law & Criminal Justice from Liverpool John Moores University).

What changes have you seen in the legal sector and how do you see it changing?

Employment law is always evolving and it has been refreshing to see that several recent changes have been introduced that not only advocate women’s rights but also are family focused. For example, 2024 will see two pieces of new legislation aimed at making the workplace fairer for families.

This includes making it a day one right to make a flexible working request. In addition, the introduction of The Protection from Redundancy (Pregnancy and Family Leave) Act coming into force expands the current laws protecting pregnant employees or those on or returning from maternity/adoption/shared parental leave facing redundancy.

In 2024, there are many employment laws put in place that prevent us from experiencing unfair treatment in the workplace. The scope and range of legislative changes over the years has been significant and the future of employment law (with particular emphasis on equality) looks promising, particularly when one considers the changes that have been made since the 19th century during a time in which employees were servants to their ‘master’ employers and had little, if any, employment rights or protection.

In your opinion what’s the next big hot topic in employment law?

The level has mostly certainly gone up for the #metoo movement. In October 2024, the Worker Protection Act will come into effect, requiring employers to take proactive steps to prevent their employees from being sexually harassed at work. This new duty will raise the existing threshold and expectations on the proactive steps that employers must take to root out and challenge sexist or discriminatory behaviour, workplace cultures and norms.

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Written by Joanne Ormston


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