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Concerns as Mortality Rates rise in Tameside Hospital

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With the news that mortality rates are rising at Tameside Hospital, Specialist Medical Negligence solicitor, Kenneth Lees, says he is concerned that avoidable hospital deaths are becoming commonplace.

Mr Lees says he is seeing increasing numbers of clients whose relatives have passed away after being sent home from hospital with serious illnesses undetected.

“All too often I speak to clients whose relatives have passed away after being sent home with chest pains and missed post-surgery complications. I am particularly concerned about the number of elderly patients passing away as a result of falls, fractures, nutritional problems and even bed sores” said Mr Lees.

“I am all too aware of the problems the NHS faces, but patients and their families need an explanation when things go wrong. They are entitled to fair compensation and a proper explanation for adverse medical events. In appropriate cases compensation will be payable and most clients want some reassurance that lessons will be learned,” he added.

Tameside Hospital was placed into special measures and ordered to improve in July 2013 following a highly critical report into patient care, but according to a recent report mortality rates have continued to rise.

The report by Dr Foster Intelligence says death rates at Tameside have seen a ‘rising trend’ before and after it was placed into special measures.

It says there has been a ‘significant’ downward shift in mortality rates both before and after the intervention.

Inspectors from the Care Quality Commission said in August last year there had not been enough progress for Tameside Hospital to leave special measures.

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