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Loss of Independence Leads To Recovery of £95,000 in Compensation

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A client whose independence and life with her grandchildren has been affected by medical negligence has won a £95,000 claim against Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Mrs A of Dukinfield consulted her GP complaining of discomfort and muscle wasting in her upper left arm and shoulder. She was referred to the Vascular Surgeons at Tameside General Hospital.

When Mrs A was seen at the Outpatients Clinic reduced blood pressure and pulse in her left arm were noted. It was recommended that she be admitted for subclavian artery stent insertion, a procedure to open a narrowed and blocked artery. However, it was not possible to complete the procedure and so further angioplasty and open brachial approach via the groin was recommended.

This open procedure was completed but Mrs A only experienced relief of her symptoms for a few months before further surgery was needed.  It was recommended that the procedure be done percutaneously rather than by an open approach, but the former procedure was followed. Although Mrs A had relief from her initial symptoms, she now has persistent problems with her forearm and hand. She has claudicating pain due to inadequate blood flow because the blood vessel was damaged by the open access surgery.

Pearson Solicitors investigated Mrs A’s claim and obtained reports from medical experts.

The medical reports confirmed that access should always have been obtained percutaneously via the femoral groin artery.  The open access surgery has caused damage to the structure of the artery, the effects of which have limited Mrs A’s daily life.  Mrs A now suffers pain in her arm on exertion. She needs help with personal care, she can no longer drive her manual car, and she has been unable to return to the job that she had prior to the surgery. Mrs A cannot easily maintain her home and garden due to the limited function of her left arm.

Kenneth Lees, Specialist Medical Negligence Solicitor said “My client has suffered unduly as a result of mismanaged surgical procedures which have resulted in permanent damage. In procedures like the one Mrs A underwent, percutaneous access allows the easy introduction of devices into the patient without the use of large cut downs which can damage the structure of the blood vessel. Percutaneous access requires only a very small hole through the skin, which seals easily, and heals very quickly. 

“The award made against Tameside Hospital reflects clearly the suffering and life limiting condition my client now has to face every day and she hopes similar mistakes will not be made in the future with other patients” he added.

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