Future Roots

Planting Roots for the Future

Welcome to our 'Planting Roots for the Future' campaign. The aim of our campaign is to help the environment in which we all live and work, leave a legacy for future generations and do something nice for our clients at the same time.

Our Conveyancing Solicitors are working with local suppliers and on the completion of every house purchase we are delivering a tree to the new homeowner to be planted in the garden and enjoy for years to come.  If you have purchased a property with little or no outdoor space or would prefer to not plant a tree in your garden, or do not live in the North West then we will donate the tree. The donated tree will be planted in a designated open countryside, parks or at schools for others to enjoy and benefit from for years to come.

About the trees

The tree will be selected by our future roots supplier and it will depend on the size of your property and seasonal availability at the time of house purchase being completed.

They are all British native trees and some mature smaller and some mature larger, so that we can accommodate different sizes of garden.

  • Rowan
  • Apple
  • Birch
  • Field Maple
  • Oak
  • Hornbeam


Keep us posted on your new home and your tree by sharing your photos on social media using #PSFutureRoots or email your pictures to marketing@pearsonlegal.co.uk

All you need to know on how to plant and care for your new tree

The trees are all grown from seed within Britain and these particular trees are from a nursery in Scotland (it is always better to source trees from the North of where you intend to plant them, so that they are not shocked by a sudden drop in temperature if moved in the opposite direction)

  • The trees should be planted into an area with a reasonable soil volume.
  • Level with the existing soil level of the pot in which they come.
  • Remember they should be watered through dry spells for at least 2 summers.
  • Hopefully then they can more or less be left to grow and flourish for future generations.

Trees are essential to our ecosystem. They’re often referred to as the ‘lungs’ of the Earth because they’re able to store and sequester carbon and produce additional oxygen for our planet. Trees also stabilise the soil and can reduce air temperature and humidity, as well as reducing flooding and improving water and air quality.

Planting trees like this contributes to reducing emissions, as one mature tree can remove up to 1 tonne of CO2 from our air over its lifetime.

Contact our Conveyancing Solicitors for further information

Don’t forget if you need help on any aspects of moving house, or remortgaging our team of conveyancing solicitors are here to advise and assist.  Contact them on 0161 785 3500 or email enquiries@pearsonlegal.co.uk