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Planning for Care Home Fees

At Pearson Solicitors our care home solicitors work closely with the Wills and Trust team who are supported by our in-house financial advisers to offer a complete service to clients who are planning care home fees or have a loved one moving into a nursing home.

Protecting your estate from care home fees

Many of our clients seeking care home advice share similar concerns that their care home fees will wipe out their inheritance.

Our specialist team can advise you and your family on the trusts available to protect your estate from care home fees. One of the first things our team will advise on is drafting a Will or updating an existing Will to protect your family. Alongside our Wills, Trusts and Probate Solicitors our financial advisers will provide advice on inheritance tax planning to protect it from care home fees.

The care home team can provide peace of mind and advise on some of the following:

  • How to fund care
  • How to ensure care needs can be met for life
  • How to preserve assets for the benefit of family and dependants
  • Inheritance Tax concerns
  • Trusts and tax advice

Fortunately, Inheritance Tax is one most avoidable taxes however, it is a complicated area that can require specialist legal and financial advice. Through a number of measures, our solicitors and financial advisers can help minimise your liability and trusts can also play an important part in this strategy.

Only a professionally drafted Will, together with proper tax advice, will ensure that your Inheritance Tax liability is reduced and ensure your estate goes to those you intend.

How can we can help

We help private individuals to ensure that their assets and business interests are protected and that their successors are spared having to pay large amounts of tax.

Our specialist care home team can assess your individual circumstances and provide legal and financial advice for you and your family. Contact our care home solicitors today on 0161 785 3500 or email