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Legal Costs of Divorce

A marriage break-up is very stressful and you need to limit any worries about your legal costs as much as possible when trying to deal with the emotional and financial separation which comes with divorce.

We are open and transparent about costs and what you will expect to pay. Please note that these costs are only for the divorce and not for any related finances or children work. Your divorce process legal costs do depend on the complexity of your case and whether your spouse co-operates with the process or not.

Undefended Divorce Offer

An undefended divorce is where both parties agree that the divorce should happen even if there are disputes about finances or children.

It can take between 6 and 9 months from the date of submitting the divorce petition papers to Court to the date you can apply for Decree Absolute. The procedure in an undefended divorce does not require the couple to attend court in person, unless there is an issue over divorce costs.

We offer a fixed-fee price for an undefended divorce. The legal costs (that is the fees for your lawyer to handle your divorce case) if you are issuing the divorce (the Petitioner) are £600 plus VAT plus payments to third parties (for example the Court fee of £550). If you are responding to the divorce (the Respondent) the legal costs are £300 plus VAT plus any payments to third parties.

You may be eligible for a partial or full fee remission on your Court fee if you meet the financial eligibility criteria. We can discuss this with you.

The fixed fee offer does not apply if:

  • The divorce becomes defended
  • Personal service of the divorce papers is needed
  • An order relating to the service of the documents is needed
  • The matter becomes more complex.

We will provide you with a costs estimate before the work is undertaken so you are aware of any additional fees which you will incur.

The fixed fee does not include any work which relates to the matrimonial finances or children matters. That work is chargeable separately.

This Fixed Costs Offer only applies if the divorce is undefended and there are no difficulties with your spouse returning the divorce papers to Court. It will not apply if you do not know where your spouse is, if there are issues with jurisdiction, if the original marriage certificate is lost or needs translating or there are additional applications to the Court including applying for the Decree Absolute out of time.

Please note, it is sometimes possible to reach an agreement with the other side for them to contribute towards our fees, or even pay them entirely. We can advise you further on this as and when the need arises.

Free Initial Consultation

Any of these complicating factors will increase the costs but we will advise you of that at the start of your case. It is best to discuss this with your solicitor by calling 0161 785 3500 and arranging a free 20-minute consultation with us.