Jacqueline White
  • Jacqueline White
  • Solicitor & Head of Medical Negligence

Jacqueline White

Solicitor & Head of Medical Negligence

Jacqueline White heads up our medical negligence team and has worked with a wide variety of our medical negligence clients.  She is quite used to dealing with multi-million pound settlements, as well as fighting for her clients' right in court.

One aspect of her work she enjoys is analysing the medical aspects and background of each case and applying the law. She particularly likes meeting her clients and with the more complex cases often taking a couple of years to reach conclusion she often builds up a good relationship with many of them.

She joined the firm in 2010 working within the Medical Negligence team qualifying as a Solicitor in May 2013.

Since then her progression has been steady and she take on the complex cases, specialising in cauda equina cases.


Her day to day work includes meeting clients and discussing relevant principles of law, investigating a claim from its early stages (investigation and compiling evidence), working with medical experts, right through to discussing the case in Court and negotiating settlement.

She graduated from University in 2008 with a 2:1 in English and American Literature but then decided to pursue her legal career as she wanted a further challenge and wanted to help people fight for justice. One element of the job which brings the most satisfaction is her ability to have an impact on people’s lives, to help them get the care they need and the help they deserve moving forward after a successful compensation claim.

In her spare time, Jacqueline enjoys swimming, traveling and socialising with friends.