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Compensation Claim for Chemist’s error

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A client who was given the wrong medication by a pharmacist had his side effects exaggerated when he doubled his dose on the advice of his GP.

Medical Negligence Claim

In a medical negligence claim, Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers claimed £1,150 in compensation for the avoidable pain, suffering and loss of amenity during the period he was taking the incorrect medication.

His claim was settled during the recent pandemic and we were able to take all instructions via email and as the client lived in County Durham it was a simple and straightforward procedure.

Our client 58-year-old Mr. H has fibromyalgia and as such, takes a regular dose of Escitalopram to alleviate the Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and pain caused by this condition.

He collects his medication from Lloyds Pharmacy in 2 monthly stocks. However due to shortages he was dispensed a one month supply and told to return in 2 days for the remaining stock. Mr. H did as requested and commenced his medication as planned.

Medical Negligence Solicitor Support

“When my client took his medication, which subsequently turned out to be a blood pressure medication called Enpril, he began to suffer terrible symptoms,” said Pearson Solicitors Medical Negligence Paralegal, Daniel Phelps.

“Initially he had a whirring in his ears on movement and sought the advice of his GP to be reassured that this was likely benign tinnitus. As the days progressed Mr. H began to struggle to sleep, he stated that he would thrash and scream in his sleep and when he awoke, “it was as though the nightmare would continue.” Mr. H began to feel incredibly depressed, he developed a severe headache, insomnia, night terrors, lethargy and his general symptoms of fibromyalgia were exacerbated.”

It was only when his wife noticed the wrong brand name on his medication that they realised there had been a dispensing error and not only was he taking the wrong medication, but also had not been taking the tablets which alleviate his condition.

“Our client ended up taking something which lowered his blood pressure and as he had no pre-existing hypertension, this was incredibly dangerous.  I would urge anyone to always check their prescription before taking any medication,” added Daniel.

For advice and help on any Medical Negligence issues please contact Pearson Solicitors Medical Negligence Team on 0161 785 3500.

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Written by Daniel Phelps


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