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Be extra mindful of Dispensing Errors during the Pandemic

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Given the current situation regarding COVID-19, we would like to advise clients and the public alike to be vigilant in these times of uncertainty. With more people becoming ill and utilising the pharmacy, the risk of dispensing errors occurring is raised.

A dispensing error is a situation wherein a member of the public is prescribed a medication by a doctor and, when the medication is given to the patient, the incorrect medication and/or dosage of a medication is instead given. As you can imagine, taking medication that is not meant for you can potentially lead to distressing and painful symptoms, physical or otherwise.

Daniel Phelps, Medical Negligence Solicitor at Pearson Solicitors describes how dispensing errors can happen, “Commonly, Dispensing Errors occur when patients collect their prescribed medication from a local Pharmacy. However, that is not to say that they cannot occur in other settings. Pharmacists and their staff are dealing with an increased volume of work, and this may lead to mistakes which can give rise to avoidable harm.

“Most dispensing errors can be avoided through a thorough checking process prior to handing over the medication to the patient. During current circumstances, pharmacists may be inundated with requests and due to the sheer volume of prescriptions they process on a daily basis, a simple mix-up of bags may occur. This could lead to devastating consequences. I must once again urge you to check that your medication is correct prior to taking any,” he adds.

At Pearson Solicitors and Financial Advisers, we have an experienced team who have acted in many Dispensing Error cases.

If you feel that you have a been a victim of a dispensing error and would like some free initial advice about prescription errors please call our Medical Negligence team on 0800 731 1874 or email us at

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Written by Daniel Phelps


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