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Happy Birthday NHS

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On the day of the NHS’ 70th Birthday we must look back and take inspiration from the compassion and determination of Aneurin Bevan, the man considered to be its creator. 

A healthcare system free at the point of delivery, accessible by all was created off the back of a worldwide fight for freedom and equality and was welcomed by a nation of people ground down by the horror and struggle of war.  The National Health Service reassures us that at the beginning, middle and end of our lives we have support, compassion and care no matter what our financial situation. 

Generation after generation, as economies rise and fall, we must remain steadfast in our support of the NHS and the people who work within it.  It must remain a priority for all Governments and not be used as a political tool. 

Patient safety is paramount and when there are failures of care these should be highlighted, discussed and plans must be put in place to ensure that such failures do not recur.  We all learn from our mistakes and they are no different.

The NHS has its faults, we read about them in the newspapers every day, but with the very determination and compassion that created the service, we can fix those faults and make our NHS the wonder of the world once again.       

Over the 70 years, there have been amazing advances in science, access to healthcare for everyone and massive innovations, it is the envy of the world. As Medical Negligence Solicitors, we work with the NHS and when they get it right it’s a brilliant organisation.

We’re here to support the NHS and often our involvement initiates procedures to be reviewed and helps to improve services for all.

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Written by Jacqueline White


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