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Missed Cancer Diagnosis – Have You Been Affected?

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Nearly 700 patients were awarded compensation after NHS hospitals missed their cancer diagnosis. The NHS has paid damages to almost 700 patients in the last eight years who brought successful compensation claims after hospitals missed giving them a vital cancer diagnosis.

A record number of patients successfully sued the NHS last year after doctors failed to spot they were suffering from cancer. Figures from NHS Resolution reveal the health service paid 150 people a total of £12.6m in compensation for cancer mistakes last year, up from £10.2m for the year 2015/2016.

Ken Lees, a Solicitor at Pearson, commented, "the NHS have made good progress in implementing NICE guidelines and, in the majority of cases, patients undoubtedly have their cancers diagnosed earlier than they would a decade ago".

"Unfortunately, our recent cases have demonstrated that some patients still slip through the net. This may be due to a failure by the GP to spot the signs and symptoms and refer for further review. There may be a failure in diagnosis after the GP has referred the patient to the appropriate specialist. Thankfully, the majority of cases do not result in any significant impact as treatment can still be provided and have a positive effect".

"As this report shows, there are still a minority of patients who suffer significant impact on their lives, lose the opportunity to undergo less radical treatment and who sometimes die unnecessarily as a direct consequence of a delayed diagnosis".

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