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GP Negligence

There is no question that general practice is the bedrock of the NHS and many GPs enjoy the respect and trust of their patients. We realise that this can make it difficult for people to claim negligence against a doctor who, in many cases, has treated them and their family members for generations.

However, given their increasing workload, GPs sometimes make mistakes that can lead to the serious physical and psychological detriment of the patient.

In reality, you’re not suing the doctor personally, you’re suing the NHS. Thinking of it this way can often help you feel more confident.

General Practitioner (G.P.) Medical Negligence case success story

Mr C developed sudden intense headaches associated with confusion. He was seen by his GP who thought it was a migraine. He was later admitted to the hospital where bleeding in the brain was diagnosed. Mr C was dangerously ill although he survived. He then developed a mental handicap which required him to be cared for by his wife.

Legal Aid was granted and supportive expert opinion was obtained from an expert in general practice and neurology. The claim was denied and proceedings were commenced in Court. Sadly Mr C later died of unrelated causes. The claim was pursued on behalf of his estate and settlement was achieved. His wife was consoled by the fact that justice was done.

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