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MRI Scan Leads to Scarring

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A patient who complained that her MRI scan was uncomfortable and burning her arm was ignored and subsequently left with a permanent scar, has recently received £3,500 in compensation when Pearson Solicitors acted on her behalf.

On 10th March 2013 Mrs D attended at Tameside Hospital for a MRI scan of her right shoulder.  Upon commencement of the MRI scan Mrs D felt an intense heat focused on her right arm and complained that the heat was intense and uncomfortable but the MRI operator reassured her that there was nothing to worry about. 

At the end of the investigation Mrs D experienced tingling in her arm and awoke the next day to find a large burn mark on her right forearm.  The burn was sore and tender to touch and she found that her clothes irritated it.  She could think of no other reason for the burn but the recent MRI scan. 

She sought the advice of her GP and despite the discomfort and tingling having settled over time the burn itself remained (as it does to this day). 

Mrs D pursued a claim for clinical negligence damages against Tameside Hospital NHS Foundation Trust who admitted that the burn was caused by the MRI Scanner.

The case was settled for £3,500. 

Specialist Clinical Negligence Solicitor Jacqueline White was instructed by Mrs D to pursue the claim.

Upon settlement, Miss White said “Mrs D’s case is a perfect example of an occasion when the patient does actually know best.  She complained that the machinery felt hot and was burning her and yet nothing was done. 

“As we are 3 years on from the scan and the burn remains, it is likely that the burn will never go away.  I am pleased that Mrs D was able to recover some compensation for the injury she suffered”.

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Written by Jacqueline White


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