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NHS Flu Crisis and Antibiotic Toxicity

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Every day we are hearing of the crisis in NHS hospitals and unfortunately there appears to be little or no improvement.

Dubbed as the “Winter Crisis” the NHS is under even more pressure as thousands of patients are admitted to hospital with flu which can lead to complications such as bronchitis, respiratory system diseases and asthma. On top of this, all non-urgent operations such as hip and knee replacements have been delayed causing problems for the thousands of patients on the waiting list.
In addition to the reported “Aussie flu”, there are two other unknown strains that are causing difficulties, namely influenza A and influenza B, which appear to be affecting older people in care homes. GPs and hospital staff across the UK are concerned as older people and those with serious health conditions are more at risk of the flu developing into pneumonia and other bacterial infections.
With the rise of hospital admissions and the strain on the NHS due to lack of medical staff, patients are more exposed to antibiotic poisoning which can be caused by a number of medical mistakes, such as:-
• Prescribing an antibiotic to a patient which may be harmful due to an existing medical condition
• Prescribing the wrong dose of the antibiotic which could be a dangerously high dose
• Prescribing an antibiotic knowing that the patient is allergic to it
• Lack of monitoring of a patient who is taking the antibiotic
A majority of reported cases lead to Gentamicin toxicity, (Gentamicin is mainly used to treat severe bacterial infections relating to the respiratory tract). Because of the side effects of Gentamicin, patients have to be closely monitored as taking too much of the drug can lead to:-
• Kidney damage and renal failure
• Nerve damage
• Ototoxicity (damage to the ear, such as hearing loss, vertigo or ringing in the ears (tinnitus))
• Balance problems
• Problems with memory, concentration and fatigue
• Oscillopsia (bouncing vision)
To demonstrate the seriousness of Gentamicin poisoning, please click the link below to take a look at our client video testimonial:-
Gentamicin Poisoning
If you or a member of your family have been affected by Gentamicin poisoning, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our specialist medical negligence team who have helped people to receive significant compensation for their pain and suffering, on 0161 785 3500 or email

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Written by Jacqueline White


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