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INSIGHT: Pearson Expands After Another Year of Growth

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Pearson is celebrating another year of growth with a new office opening next month.

The firm has maintained its turnover above the £3m mark for the third successive year and is now investing in larger premises to expand its services in the developing St Petersfield area.

While many commercial law firms have suffered to recover post-recession, we have steadily grown throughout the economic downturn, with turnover increasing by 20 per cent since 2009 and staff numbers up by 13 per cent over the same period.

Commercial property and financial services are key growth areas for us, with revenues up by 50 per cent and 11 per cent respectively over the last year alone. Staff numbers in the property team have also doubled from three to seven, taking the total number of employees at Pearson to 53.

This growth has led to the opening of a landmark new building in Henry Square, which has been given a new lease of life following years of neglect. The prestigious offices will open in May and be home to our established clinical negligence team - the only one in Oldham - alongside a specialist personal injury team, conveyancing and family lawyers, private client solicitors and in-house financial advisers.

Joanne Ormston, partner and practice manager at Pearson, commented: “This year has been a success for Pearson for many different reasons. We have remained profitable in an increasingly competitive industry, attracted talent from larger city firms and grown across a number of areas, which is crucial for a mixed business practice such as ours.

“It’s a huge testament to the hard work of our team, underpinned by a partner-led approach that focuses on understanding matters in the broader context of our client’s individual business or personal affairs to make the services we offer much more accessible.

“We have also worked hard to maintain our tradition and heritage, founded on a history dating back to 1874, but at the same time develop a contemporary image as a firm delivering truly modern, personalised services; our new offices in Ashton will help us to do that.

“Our main Oldham office, Albion House, is a former gentleman’s club and the Hollinwood team is based in the pump rooms of a former mill complex so we are used to restoring buildings as both a nod to our history and a look towards the future.”

The former Friendship Inn has been part of the redevelopment of St Petersfield and is now back to its former glory. Built in 1827, it was expanded to house the Schofield’s Brewery later taken over by Robinsons Family Brewery. It closed some years ago but has recently been restored.

To find out more, visit or follow Pearson on Twitter @PearsonSFA.


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