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Complex Debt Recovery

Some companies may have multiple outstanding invoices, across different periods of time and under various terms of business. This can cause confusion in calculating the final outstanding figure. In this regard, we can offer a Complex Debt Recovery option.

The Complex Debt Recovery option entails a forensic analysis of: the outstanding invoices, any payments made by the Defendant, the terms of business agreed by the parties and the applicable interest rates and late payment charges. For companies that need a large scale process for the ongoing chasing of multiple invoices, the processes must be structured to cope with the increased volumes and increased correspondence.

Companies that use our Complex Debt Recovery service usually have debts in excess of £25,000 across multiple invoices. Therefore, the companies’ legal costs are recoverable from the Defendant. Our pragmatic approach to complex debts provides companies with clear and concise advice. A forensic analysis of the debt is essential in order to prevent the debt from being contested and to facilitate settlement negotiations.

Our Complex Debt Recovery practices and processes have been designed with complex recovery management in mind. We have efficiently and successfully managed complex debt recovery on a large scale for a number of our clients in England and Wales.